Featured Products

Expertly designed, silent dual motor legs in black, white and silver paired with high-end wood tops in walnut, white paulownia, bamboo and black. Custom sizes available for every application.

Get more desktop space with our 3-leg frame in black, white and silver, paired with an L-shaped top in a custom color of your choice.

Our world-class, fully adjustable frame options without the top. Combine our Versatile, 3-leg, and Standard 2-leg adjustable frames with any top or surface to complete your own DIY standing desk.

Single monitor mounting for those who use 1 monitor only.  A minimal, clutter free way to improve your posture and neck pain. 

Dual monitor mounting for 2 screens!  This dual mount elevates and mobilizes your 2 monitors with ease so you can feel just that, at ease.

Triple monitor mount options available for the over-achiever's unwilling to sacrifice comfort or style for productivity.

Introduce modern, minimal yet adequate storage to your workstation. Our slim files are expertly designed to keep your documents organized, de-cluttered and safe. White, black and silver available.

The Direction Wobble gives you the freedom to sit completely, sit elevated with straighter legs, and move around as much as you please - making it the healthiest seating option around. Black, light gray and sage green fabric options available.

Compliment your standing desk with a sexy side table that expands your workspace without adding bulk. Perfectly match your frame color and wood top finish for a clean, elegant look.