Benefits for Businesses

Direction Desk is universal. In other words, it produces high-end products not only for individuals but also impacts businesses. However, not all impacts are in health benefits. For instance, it improves overall productivity and increases Talent ROI. In addition, it minimizes distractions. Similarly, it also increases collaboration and inspires your people. In short, your business is getting benefitted significantly!

Attract the best talent

Companies struggle more than ever to recruit talent to their company. We must ditch the sterile workspaces of yesterday and provide a space where the next generation of workers would love to spend time.

Improves Productivity

Standing on the job promotes a greater mental awareness, which leads to far greater productivity and improved concentration. Low-level movement can also reduce pain and discomfort, allowing people to better focus.

Inspire Your People

Work with Direction Desk to create an office design that uses the perfect combination of colors, furnishings and plants to inspire the characteristics and feelings you want spread through your company.

Employee Well-being

The postures and environments we inhabit have a very strong correlation to how we feel. Direction Desk designs furniture and spaces that promotes empowered postures and feelings of well-being.

Reduced Workers Comp Claims

There has been a huge increase in the number of workers comp claims related to carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated disks & more stemming from our non-ergonomic furnishings. Ergonomic furniture greatly reduces these claims.

Increased Collaboration

Direction Desk's office furniture is built for collaboration. Fully adjustable desks and monitor arms make it easy for multiple people to all work on the same project at once.

Increase Talent ROI

In recent surveys, having a workspace that promotes well-being ranked just as high as salary in importance for industry professionals. In many cases, people will opt for a lower salary if the company shows it cares about the well-being of its team.

Employee Physical Health

Reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, hip injuries, back injuries, neck injuries & more all by using direction desk products. See personal benefits for more info.

Minimize distractions

Direction Desk uses a minimal, modern design for all of its office furniture which has been shown to increase clarity and focus. Everything you need with nothing you don't.

Impress visitors/clients

Be prepared for your largest client to make a trip to your office. Direction Desk can help you create an office that you would be proud to bring clients to! Whether you know it or not, your space will leave an impression on them.

Communicate Your Ethos

What your company stands for can be echo'd through the furnishings you use in your office space. Get your slogan imprinted on your desktops, print logo's on your chairs, etc. It is all possible with Direction Desk.

Order with ease

B2B e-commerce functionality such as bulk discounts, order history, etc. makes buying office furniture easy. Direction Desk saves your previous orders and space plans so adding workstation can be as simple as a few clicks.