Our Story

Building more than just standing desks

We built the Direction Desk because we saw standing desks as more than just office furniture. To us, standing desks & other ergonomic furniture are tangible products that can deliver lasting wellness, productivity and inspiration. We also see the opportunity to grow a business differently; ensuring we add tons of value to not only the clients we serve, but also our community and environment.

Hi I'm Nathan

CEO and Founder
of DirectionDesk


Most workspaces today are horrible for posture, energy, and our mental state. This is a big problem considering most people spend 70-80% of their waking lives there. That's why I'm on a mission to convert all modern workspaces into areas that promote health, productivity and well being. It all started when I was personal training and I discovered that 9/10 of my clients, no matter the age or physical condition, needed corrective exercises for tight hip flexors, forward head posture, and lower back pain (all symptoms of excessive sitting).

“Don’t take Advil because you have a rock in your shoe, instead take the rock out”. To me, Standing Desks seemed like a good way to get the rock out of people's shoes.

- Nathan McWhirter

Hi I'm Shawn

CMO and Co Founder
of DirectionDesk


From someone who spends 14+ hours a day behind a desk, I've been living the problem. Back pain, aches, and a tremendous amount of stress should not be the norm for highly driven individuals, let alone someone in their 20s. It's unacceptable, and it took a rude awakening for me to realize it. That's why I want to share these life changing products and solutions for the workplace with as many people as possible. Too many businesses and individuals get stuck in a rhythm on what works. Instead they should be looking at what works better.

To me, a modern and ergonomic work environment not only increases your productivity and well-being, but it increases your quality of life.

- Shawn Malkou

Crafting a better
customer experience

With a U.S. based customer service team, Direction Desk chooses to cut no corners when it comes to serving customers. Reaching out to us directly is as easy as calling your friend. No claims to file, no long hold times, and no getting transferred around to different departments, just answers and solutions.

Every product designed and tested to
improve function & aesthetic

Unfortunately, most ergonomic furniture is ugly, and most beautiful furniture is not ergonomic. Direction Desk is changing that, so you no longer have to sacrifice health for aesthetics and vice versa. Not only will our wellness furniture make you feel amazing, but it will look amazing too.

5 year warranty

fair price

Honest, fair

customer service

customer service