Direction Desk Philanthropy donates 1% of all products manufactured to school's, libraries, after school programs & more


Working and living in a space that promotes wellbeing and success should not be exclusive. The positive impacts of spaces with healthy furniture can lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle in our youth. This has the power to make lasting change in our community. Direction Desk's social impact pledge to donate 1% of all manufactured products aligns with our over-arching mission to increase the health and wellness of 100,000 people by 2025.

1% of all our revenue and time is donated to environmental, military and youth non-profits

The value we add to our community and society is just as important as the value we add to our customers. Donating 1% of revenue is about much more than writing a check. It is about finding organizations and people in need that Direction Desk can positively impact. As we grow, so should our communities.