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These wobble chairs are designed to work perfectly with our standing desks. They will help keep you active and healthy while providing an ergonomic seating option to your workspace. The triangular cushion maximizes comfort and stability. The 23-33″ height adjustability keeps you comfortable at sitting and standing height. The self-stabilizing weighted base ensures that you or the chair don’t tip over. The wobble stool is a key ingredient to any healthy workstation.

Additional information

Additional information

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Saddle, Round



  • Adjustable Height Range: 23-33″
  • Minimum Height (floor to top of cushion): 24″
  • Weight: 23lbs
  • Seat Diameter: 13″
  • Loading Capacity: 250lbs
Warranty, Shipping, & Returns

Warranty, Shipping, & Returns


All of Direction Desks’ seating options come with a 90 day warranty on all electrical and mechanical components of the chair. If any electric or mechanical part of the desk malfunctions within 90 days, you will receive either a replacement part or a completely new chair free of charge.


The Wobble stool will ship in one 23lb box. The product will ship within 2 days of your order. Standard transit times are 3-5 days. Expedited shipping available at checkout.


All of Direction Desk’s products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and a hassle free return process. If the stool is not meeting your expectations, simply reach out to info@directiondesk.com

Our 1% Pledge

Our 1% Pledge

We donate 1% of all  revenue and time to environmental, military and youth non-profits. In addition we donate 1% of all manufactured products to schools, libraries, & more.

Direction Desk’s overarching goal is to improve the health and wellness of as many people as possible. Our philanthropy is in direct alignment with that mission and is what sets us apart from companies simply looking for profit. See more here: Philanthropy.



Q: Does the weighted base slide around when you move?

A: Now, it has a rubberized bottom that keeps it in place

Q: Does the seat turn 360 degrees around? 

A: Yes! Full movement capability with this chair

Q: What’s the difference in seat material for the saddle and round tops? 

The saddle wobble stool is covered in a  leather like material and the round wobble stool is covered in a mesh material.

Q: Does it fall over if moved around rapidly?

A: It is designed not to tip over while seated on it. If it is forcefully pushed over while not being sat on, it can tip over.

Reviews (90)

90 reviews for Wobble Stool

  1. Rhodie

    Ideal for standing desk users who stand most of the time

    Very happy with this stool. Its exactly what I’ve been looking for as I prefer standing but standing all day can lead to some back tension/aches. We should switch up from time to time and this makes the switch so much more convenient than resetting the height of my desk. It allows me to switch up for just a few minutes at a time which is often all I need.I like the action of the wobble stool when I do use it. It forces a better posture and does not allow leaning your weight in one way or another as we often do.I did have an issue with my stool as it wouldn’t stay up. The seller told me I could potentially adjust it by removing the seat and loosening the screws. However I found removing the seat to be quite a hassle and when I let them know that they sent me a new stool. They stand behind their product.

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  2. Allen


    wife loves it. Me on the other hand meh. Not sure how else to put this, but it doesn’t feel the greatest on my balls

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  3. Tyranasaurus tam


    I liked it at first but now that I’ve spent a few months with it it isn’t my favorite. If you spend more than a few hours on it it starts to hurt The old gluteous maximus. The cushioning just isn’t enough. For reference I’m not a big person, I’m 5’4″ 120 lbs, so it seems like the cushioning would be enough for an even smaller person, butt definitely not for a larger person. Also, the seat is slippery if you raise it to a sit/stand height, making it unusable at anything but a lower, full sit setting, taking away from the versatility that I originally bought it for. A lot of money to spend on something that I’m not completely satisfied with.

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  4. Susan Leonard

    Excellent for my home desk

    I’ve tried office chairs of varying prices and sizes, all to no avail – spent a fortune in fact. I need a seat that’s a bit higher than normal so that I can see my computer monitor through my varifocal spectacles. I was constantly having to raise my head to see but now that I have the balance stool, I can raise it higher than a normal office chair and see my monitor without having to raise my head all the time. In fact I can look in a more downward direction to my monitor.It should have been easy to put together but we found that the gas lifter didn’t engage properly with the 3 button things inside the seat. It took 3 dismantlings (which wasn’t an easy task either) and reassemblings to get it to work properly. Anyway, we eventually succeeded and I’m very pleased with my purchase. I’m much more comfortable at my computer.

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  5. Bob Denver

    Wobble vs Swopper = Wobble win!

    After I found out my Swopper would cost as much as the Wobble to ship across the country, I purchased the Wobble. I’m really shocked, it’s nearly as good as my $700 chair in its performance and function. Really, even better if you work at a standing desk! This $150 stool was a super pleasant surprise. The swopper is a bit more comfy, nicer looking and finished like a Benz, but for the difference in price, the Wobble is the clear choice! Anyone who has back issues, or doesn’t want to spend an unhealthy day being totally sedentary, get one!

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  6. Loren C Andersen

    Great stool for adjustable height desk

    Great stool for adjustable height desks. Plenty of padding. Easy to adjust up and down. Fun to try and balance on. Durable and well built.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Makes an incredibly comfortable standing desk stool, and is tall enough for a fully-grown adult.

    Had to buy this to replace an Amazon knock-off version that was way too short. This stool is amazing, I love it. I used to have one at work and it removed my back pain. Would recommend. I’m 5’11 and it extends taller than I need, as well as shrinks down super short if needed. Amazing product!

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  8. William Pietri

    I liked it until it fell apart

    I get why people complain about the not-so-cushy seat. For me, that’s great. Changing positions often is better for my back, so too-comfy chairs end up causing me back pain. At the 3-month mark with this chair, I was recommending it to colleagues. Between the wobble and the adjustable height, my back was doing way better.However, now that I’m at the 4-month mark, the seat has completely fallen apart. Turns out that all the stress is borne by some relatively small pieces of plastic. They cracked and broke. Since the warranty is only 3 months, now I have a $100 pile of garbage on the floor.I like the concept, so I’ll be buying an adjustable-height wobble stool again. But definitely not this one!

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  9. ange

    Love this stool

    Love this stool! Works perfectly for keeping me moving qhile sitting in a central location to provide small group instruction.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Don’t get this for an elderly person!

    Bought this for my elderly father; it’s not stable or safe enough for him to use.

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  11. pvperch

    Great product at a reasonable price

    I purchased this stool to replace a much more expensive standing stool I have had for about five years. The much more expensive stool broke two times since I purchased it, so I was looking for a more economical alternative. I have only used this stool for about a week, but, so far I am very pleased. It was very easy to assemble. I would have given it five stars, but the seat is a bit hard. I do, however, love the way I can move while leaning against this stool. Very cute design. It looks like a giant lollypop. Great product for the price!

  12. Tristan

    Four Stars

    This was a gift for my nephew who has autism.

  13. Jessi Lind

    Can’t even use it

    Slippery fabric so it slides right out from under me. It therefore does not work as advertised.

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  14. The Don


    Great idea and works well with my standing desk. The cushioning on the seat is a bit hard which i am sure will become softer over time. I did a lot of searching for a product that would work for me and I am glad I chose this one, I am 6ft and it is very comfortable for perching on or i can sit on it completely at lower heights.

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  15. Nance C

    Five Stars

    love it!

  16. Drone Builder

    Broken – After five months.

    If you do not sit dead center on the chair, small cracks starts to develop which will make the buttons stop working at first. I ignore the first one, just used one of the others. Until Yesterday when the seat gave in and I abruply fell on the floor with great loss of dignity.In the US this would be a class action lawsuit.I do like the style, but I now have nightmares about getting the pole up my rear end.Perhaps other brands have better designs.Best,Me.

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  17. Bryant T.

    Good for tall people and smart short people

    Good for tall people, short people will only have problems if they don’t know how to use a leaning stool. You LEAN on it, don’t try to sit flat

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  18. Von Wong

    It’s stable but just not quite that comfortable. For some reason I always feel like my …

    It’s stable but just not quite that comfortable. For some reason I always feel like my butt is just constantly slipping off… Something about the material is just on the rougher end.Truly it does everything “as advertised” but I can’t say that it’s a product I’m that excited to use. The Roundness of it just really makes you always feel like you’re slipping off and pulls your pants. A lot better of a seating experience with Jeans and such but anything loose and it just bunches up the fabric as you try to sit!Personally I’ve found it to be uncomfortable to the point of distracting.

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  19. Dan

    Great for a standing desk or normal desk height

    Loving this wobble stool, is working well whether I’m at my stand up desk or whether I use it at normal desk height. It rises and drops down easily! my only disappointment is you need to be careful when moving the stool as the top can come loose if you don’t grab it in the right place under the seat

  20. Amazon Customer

    Brilliant for Posture

    My first review on Amazon. For those who work at a desk, be that standing or seated, this stool is fabulous for your posture. More and more I see people complaining of shoulder pain (do to lockdown) and lower back pain.When you sit on this stool you can feel your entire core engage and your shoulders pull back. Better than that the stool can be set at s height so your knees are lower than your waist, letting the psoas muscle work properly. For those in-the-know keeping the psoas muscle happy makes for a happy lower back and stops a lot of kyphosis (rounding back).If I return to the office I’ll buy another one of these and take it with me.

  21. Aretha J

    Four Stars

    Great but needs more cushion in the seat.

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  22. Leon Chase

    Great Concept. Bad Design.

    In terms of ergonomics, this stool changed my life. I routinely work at a computer for 8-14 hours a day and used to suffer from all kinds of aches and pains. In the three months that I used this stool, I had ZERO back pain.HOWEVER…. Last week the seat portion randomly collapsed, sending me to the floor. It turns out that, inside the seat assembly, the main load-bearing hub is supported by a series of very thin plastic braces. Half of which had broken, rendering the whole stool useless. (And if anyone is wondering, I am a 230-pound man. Not small, but still under the listed weight limit.) Perhaps not coincidentally, this happened about a week after the 90-day warranty had expired.The construction of the bottom half of this stool appears to be rock-solid. But the seat assembly is all flimsy plastic inside. This stool is a great thing in theory, but very disappointing in practice. I’ll be looking elsewhere for more sturdy versions.

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  23. Amazon Customer

    This stool has changed my work day!

    I am extremely happy with the Wobble Stool as a way to improve my posture and engage my core while seated at my desk throughout the day. It is sturdy and comfortable enough that I actually got rid of my traditional chair altogether! The one slight drawback is that it is ever-so-slightly a bit tall for me (I’m just shy of 5’5″). If I sit for long periods of time I begin to feel numbness in the back of my thighs. This only reminds me to stand more during the day, so it’s not a significant issue for me. I am so glad I purchased this stool!

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  24. Buddj

    I want to stand at my desk and this is just enough to keep me moving and not getting extremely comfortable.

    Cant sit on it for long period but its kind of what I wanted. I want to stand at my desk and this is just enough to keep me moving and not getting extremely comfortable.

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  25. Drew

    Reliable and Comfortable!

    I am loving this stool! It has a reliable design and is comfy! Keeps me from feeling so tired and slouched over while at work. Perfect for if you work on computers or do a lot of sitting during your day.

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  26. Britt

    Wow! My wobble stool is awesome!!

    This wobble stool has exceeded all of my expectations! It is extremely comfortable and sturdy. Set up was super quick and legit took two seconds. I would order another one in a heart beat. I also bought the active standing mat from Uncaged Ergonomics and both products are incredible and worth it. They have made being in an office all day easy and comfortable (:

  27. c s

    Great back and core support

    I find this stool hard to get situated on. However, everyone else in the house loves it. Great back and core support.

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  28. Kristina

    I will be buying another one for home office.

    Love it. I use it every day. Comfortable for both standing and sitting. Height adjustment works great. I brought it for my office at work since my company would not. I am so glad I did. I am on my computer all day. Seat pad is comfortable both sitting and leaning. I will buy one for my home office soon.

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  29. L S.

    very stable, well built.

    well built and heavy. more rocker than wobble. which actually works better for me. very stable.

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  30. Bob HopfnerBob Hopfner

    Not good, Didn’t last 6 months

    Well, a nice surprise today, the seat snapped in half and I fell right on my butt. The chair kept sliding down last night and I should have understood why one of the buttons was “loose” apparently it cracked and when I sat on it today it shattered and I found myself on the floor. I will also mention I kept stepping on staples that I now know where coming from this chair too. Do not buy this chair because it’s just not strong enough and it will fail catastrophically at some point. I am just glad I wasn’t hurt. This plastic at the edge by the height adjusting buttons is very thin and that is where it began to fail.

  31. Amazon Customer

    A two for one stool, lean on it or exercise while sitting.

    Super easy to assemble; great stool. I had one in my office and purchased one for home. Visitors always want to try it, than quickly ask where they can get one. It’s a great stoolI use it at my breakfast bar and get in exercise by wobbling back and forth and front and back while having breakfast. Try it, you will love it.

  32. Darcie LloydDarcie Lloyd

    Seat plastic breaking apart in under 60 days

    The seat cover is stapled directly into the plastic on the underside of the stool. Plastic on the underside of the stool has developed cracks and some has broken off. The design to pull the fabric cover over the bottom and not tuck under the plastic was a poor design choice. Broken plastic is a pinch hazard for fingers when the stool is adjusted.Not recommended as this is falling apart way too soon.Pictures show where a section has broken off and where the underside is cracking.

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  33. tb

    great customer service

    I had a slight issue with my order and they got back to me promptly with a solution that went above and beyond what I expected, great customer service. The product is also VERY solid. I am 6’1 and the highest position seems to be a nice fit when perched

  34. PhilmPhalm

    I really like it. Some assembly required

    Takes a little getting used to, because it isn’t intended to be used as a regular stool. I bought mine to be used with my new stand up desk. I really like it. Some assembly required, but it’s real easy. Much easier than I anticipated. You can sit on it, but it’s really intended to be more of something you lean on to take a little weight off of your feet. Cool thing is you can shift your weight around, unlike a regular stool or chair. It allows you to be more active. This is a huge benefit, especially if you spend a lot of time at your desk.

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  35. Jon

    Not for me

    Nice concept but didn’t work for me. Kept slipping off the edge of the seat as I leaned forward. The seat cover material is breathable fabric, and I found slippery. I am 6 feet tall and used it at its max height. Returned it and bought a bar stool locally-much better and cheaper. Once the wobble stool is assembled and sat on, It is impossible to take it apart to reship in the original box. The shipper told me to return it assembled. I had to buy a new box at UPS to fit the assembled stool, then returned it to Amazon.

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  36. Jiyu

    This stool is junk, it broke after the return time table expired. Do not buy

    I’ve had the stool for 6 weeks and the cylinder that controls the height is broke….. very expensive for such a short time use…. I weigh 190 pounds…

  37. Richard

    Quite good, but difficult stay on

    Bought this one as so many others are unavailable at the moment. The design is pretty good, but for me the seat is too slippery which limits ease of staying on it. I think a saddle shape and/or material surface with more friction would help.Great range of height adjustment and seems quite well made for the price.Will give it a bit longer to see if I can adapt to it.

  38. Judy Hayden

    One Star

    Terrible chair, hard uncomfortable and dangerous.

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  39. Laura A. Consumer

    love it, but the cushion smells like mildew

    Getting it out of the box, the base was super dirty. Black residue. I’m glad I didn’t open it on nice carpet. After sitting on it for about an hour I noticed a pungent smell like clothes left in the washer too long, then when your body temperature warms it up you can smell that mildewy stench. I’m spraying with essential oils to kill the bacteria and mildew. Sure hope that works. My cushion is soft and comfy, just stinky and there’s probably a hazardous mold steaming up from it. I love how it makes you engage your core and legs and reminds me to sit straight!

  40. Gen

    Dope stool!

    This is the best stool for any office or home. Perfect for posture without sacrificing comfort.

  41. Double D

    Everything is a great idea except the seat cushion

    Everything is a great idea except the seat cushion. It is rounded and slippery. You literally slip right off it. It is absolutely an unusable product. Find one with a very flat top, with a surface like rubber or literally rubber. The rounded surface is the worst design you could think of.

  42. Nctitansfan

    Jury is still out

    It’s still a love hate relationship. On the positive I’ve only fallen once 🙂 I think as my core gets stronger I may enjoy this more.

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  43. Amazon Customer

    Great Seat

    Very comfortable. Light weight and easy to move to a different location if necessary.

  44. Lori Goode

    Tabs on seat top broke

    Product is great except… The tabs on the seat broke. How can I order another seat top?

  45. Amazon Customer

    but it is a perfect match for a stand up desk

    It took me a week to get use to the wobble aspect of the base, but it is a perfect match for a stand up desk.

  46. Michelle

    Fun stool with painful seat cushion

    This is a great concept, and the design necessitates good spinal posture. However, the seat itself is extremely hard and numbs my behind within minutes. I can’t stay on it more than a few minutes at a time. It’s very distracting. Unfortunately, I decided to return it.

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  47. Christopher Nannemann

    Wobble Wobble Wobble! Fun to sit on and easy to put together.

    Product arrived in 2 days thanks to Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping. It was simple to put together. It came in 4 pieces and had easy to follow instructions. I was sitting on it within 2 minutes of opening the box. I have only had it for 2 days, but so far it has been a pleasure to use. It is kind of fun to wobble around on and sit upright. It also works very well as a standing rest if I put my desk at the standing height. So far I can’t sit on it for more than about 30 minutes before I start “feeling it” and have to get up for a bit or change positions. I believe that is just due to the fact I am not used to the posture and the resting points on my buttocks. I think it is going to be perfect for both sitting and standing at my adjustable desk. I cannot rate it at 5 stars at this point because I don’t have any way to rate the durability. Perhaps I will come back and update this review once I have had the stool for a few months.

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  48. Amazon Customer

    Good stuff

    Working as advertised. My fault, I wanted to use this as a wobble chair. It does not compress low enough to be used as a chair.

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  49. Lefty in Wyo

    Love this.

    Really love this. The top is dome shaped, which could make you uncomfortable if sitting in one position for long periods, but for ‘perching’ or sitting actively it’s great. Very heavy, which is good because it doesn’t want to slide out from under you, three buttons for raising or lowering so there is no ‘front’ or ‘back’. Swivels, wobbles, tilts to encourage mobile hips and active core and good posture. Can be raised to be a standing ‘leaning’ stool for someone not too tall. (5’4, and works great for me.)

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  50. Lori Y.

    I like this stool because it is easy to go from …

    I like this stool because it is easy to go from a standing height desk to semi seated for a bit. It swivels and rocks and is great for those of us who can’t sit still for too long. I have back problems and nerve damage so sitting or standing for too long is bad news.The not so great things about this is that the plastics sleeve that came with it to go over the cylinder never fit correctly and went straight to the trash. It was cosmetic and didn’t affect how the product works. The thing I don’t like about this though is the seat. Maybe it is because of my back problem, but the seat is very uncomfortable even for 5 minutes. My co worker didn’t seem to get uncomfortable sitting on it until she had sat there for quite some time, 30 minutes probably. This isn’t a deal breaker for me since I prefer to stand and only neeed brief breaks here and there. Just know that you might not find this product satisfactory if you want to sit for intervals longer than 5-10 minutes.

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  51. Tanya

    keep looking, ouch!

    So uncomfortable!!! I am a healthy, fit woman who purchased this for use at my 36″ high drafting table. My old chair was giving me back pain, and I thought this looked like a great alternative. While I like the idea of it, the wobble part is cool, and the item is well constructed…the seat is MISERABLE!! It is shaped like a domed mushroom top, and the foam is so rounded and dense that it is painful after sitting for just a short bit of time. It does not look like the top shown in the photo…it really looks like a rounded dome top. Now, while my back feels better, my tailbone is so sore it feels bruised. I am sending it back. I am sorry I did not believe the other reviewers that said it was like sitting on a stone. Keep looking!!! Oh…and though it assembles easily, disassembling is impossible so I have to buy another bigger box to send it back. Sadness.

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  52. jenwill

    Three Stars

    Hurts by tailbone after 5 minutes. Am giving it away.

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  53. Kelly Arciero


    This wobble stool is a terrible design. When I leaned forward on it as shown in the picture, the rubberized bottom base lost traction slipped on the floor almost causing me to fall.

  54. Amazon Customer

    Fun and surprisingly comfy!! I loves it – has become my official recording studio chair 😀

    I got this for music studio as i spend far too much time slumping and its not good for our backs!It honestly feels great to sit on, becaue of the large round seat you cant comfortably straddle it so you need your legs mostly forward , a 10 to 2 on a clock angle at max .Mine has a really comfy, round, spongy seat (like in the photo) and the height is adjustable via i little button under the seat. Press it – sit up and it goes up!! If you want to go down press it and sit down till you have the right height. It will cope with any size legs , honestly it really goes way to high for me and you really dont want it set too high – i nearly fell off 🙂 but it goes down nice and low too – i would recommend setting it so you have low enough for your knees to bend then you can move your back easily and it feels under more control. im 5′ 8″ btwThe base is pretty heavy so it wont go anywhere in a hurry, unless you set it too high! I set it really high , like bar stool height and that is not good , you will fall off as the weight of the base is not enough if your feet don’t connect somewhat to the ground. But i had fun doing it, but really don’t do that as you may well do yourself an injury. I was one of “those” kids , i lent back on chairs so i love this stool 😀 …its really well built , the piston feels like it will last forever , all the important parts are solid steel .If i was to find fault i might have been nice if the seat cover could be machine washable as is not removable and is fixed via loads of staples under the seat, time will tell how well it wears but its a decent and thick cover and it is dark black which will help after a few years.Really happy with this , back feels great! it is much more healthy for my back and more fun than my traditional, comfy, height-adjustable studio/office chair

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  55. T. Noyes

    Fantastic must have with a stand up desk

    Just great with my new stand up desk. My back is asking me “why didn’t you do this 20 yrs ago!” I love the ability to adjust and “rock” while you type.. This chair with my stand up desk is the greatest productivity (and comfort) tool I’ve added in 10 yrs.

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  56. Taylor Truelove

    Highly Satisfied Pharmacist

    I tend not to write reviews, but I wanted to share on this product. I am a pharmacist and stand for long periods of time (10+ hours). This stool has been perfect for work! I use it to perch on. I can work at my computer, lean over to the counter, or turn around with ease. We have limited space at work and the stool is not obtrusive in any way. It has helped significantly with varicose veins in my legs. Also, it has reduced strain in my lower back by allowing me to adjust to a comfortable height. It’s definitely different and took some time to get use to, but it’s now a must have!

  57. Anne Lanute

    Great swap out for office desk

    I work remotely and sit all day. I alternate between the wobble stool and my office chair, which helps alleviate back pain. Easy to assemble. It’s a bit more heavy to move than the description suggests, and you will want to grasp it by the tube to move, not by the seat. But it’s a great change from the standard office chair. It does force your muscles to work a bit, but that’s a good thing!

  58. Kevin F. Duffy

    Five Stars

    This stool is very comfortable and easy to adjust. It can keep you active while “Sitting”

  59. Swiss Reviewer

    It’s like sitting on a rock with a towel draped over …

    It’s like sitting on a rock with a towel draped over it. Even after I put a pillow on it I started getting numb after 5 minutes.

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  60. Rick StevensRick Stevens

    Overall, Like it very much. Good value and quality feel so far.

    Love it. Totally works on Carpet or stained concrete. I’m clumsy and haven’t fallen off. I weigh as much as a horse. No issue. Only negatives I can think of. Black plastic tube that covers the upper shock. Was broken in delivery. Tried to super glue it. Didn’t work. Wound up just discarding it. Looks nearly the same without it anyway. Other negative is picture makes seat-pad look perfectly round. Mine is more triangular shaped and not as cushy as the pic. I am very happy with it and think you will be too. If the seat would have been more like the pic, I would say its Perfect.

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  61. rdandkids

    Comfortable, but

    The seat was fairly comfortable, but awkward to stay on if reaching back and forth for things while cooking. Beware if you’re returning it, only a few dollars is refunded towards the return shipping.

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  62. Gundy

    Wobbly but sturdy, mostly just fun to sit on!

    I find this chair really helpful for keeping me active and aware of my posture while seated. It’s not a comfy chair, but it is comfortable. I’m an active person, even when I sit down I like to move, so this design works great for me.

  63. M Stultz

    Dont wast your time

    Not worth the money I paid. The set is more rounded than the picture shows and it is all so very hard.

  64. Executive, Wife and Mom

    Nope, not for me

    I tried for several months to use this wobble stool–at different heights, etc. It’s just not more comfortable than continuing to stand, no matter how long I have been standing! I slide forward on it and it gives me a wedgie.

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  65. Amazon Customer

    Item not in Very Good condition, as stated in “used” description.

    This rating is not of the usefulness of the product, it is of the condition it arrived in,The bottom of the seat cushion has clips that are supposed to attach it to the top of the base. Those clips were broken off. It also did not come in original packaging, which was no big deal. Came with 4 seat bases which is weird, some were broken. Seems like someone was just dumping their garbage into the box. The piece that covers the bottom swiveling weight was also cracked around the edges.As for the seat itself, the cushion is uncomfortable – butt hurt – but my back liked it. felt like getting a workout, and I am sure it was activating many muscles. As a chiropractor, I might well recommend it.

  66. Jake

    I sent mine back

    I really like the idea of this, but the cushion is not comfortable when you sit on it. When I “sit” at an angle where I’m kinda standing, which is why I liked the idea of this, I kept slipping off because the seat cushion is kinda “slippery”. Not sure how else to say that. It’s fabric, but kinda slick.I just thought for the money I was paying it’d be way more comfortable.

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  67. Chris Chen

    Great Standup Stool!

    I wanted a stool that was adjustable but also where my feet could touch the ground. This stool was perfect, adjusts to my height 5’11” and lowers for easy under the desk storage when I’m not using it. The round bottom and cushion make it to where I’m never slouching which is the whole point imo.

  68. Justin S.

    Four Stars

    Exactly what I wanted for the Work area. However. Don’t sit too long. Things get numb.

    One person found this helpful

  69. Coopers Love Amazon

    This stool is great. It adjust in a snap and is very …

    I got a standing desk and needed something to lean on when my legs get tired. This stool is great. It adjust in a snap and is very sturdy. It does move with you, so you want to be careful; otherwise, I love it. I have a footrest that I use to help support me when I’m leaning back and keeps me balanced. I would totally recommend this stool with a standing desk.

    One person found this helpful

  70. Laura Giles

    Doesn’t go as low as I would expect

    Really great stool. Disappointed that it doesn’t go as low as a normal office chair which means it too high for a standard desk and keyboard and mouse position is too low for DSE recommended position. Ok if your desk is higher or adjustable

    2 people found this helpful

  71. herndonchic

    Best seating option for those with lower back issues

    It’s hard to put into words how much this stool has helped my back… let’s just say that my ruptured discs and bone spurs (among other ailments) are set at ease when I use this stool. I set the stool a bit taller then is comfortable, set myself full on the cushion, then move my feet and tilt my way forward until the curve in my back returns, allowing me to sit for at least an hour at a time with no repercussions later. To state it boldly, this stool saved me!Also, I was dissatisfied with the seat color, and the team at Uncaged Ergonomics took care of me in a flash, without making me feel bad or frustrated. They simply listened and acted. Couldn’t be happier with this company and their product.

    10 people found this helpful

  72. Office Manager A

    There is a good amount of weight in the base

    There is a good amount of weight in the base, and the cushion is firm. They aren’t too difficult to move around, and we have them placed around our office at intervals to make it easier to meet at another staff member’s desk without crouching or standing uncomfortably.They are a bit high if you want to use them for a normal desk stool, as at their shortest height they are at about max height for a normal office chair.For color, the red is vibrant, definitely recommend it!

    3 people found this helpful

  73. johnm

    Seat cushion breaks off stand from just using it

    Bought this in November of 2017 and the plastic clips that hold the cushion to the base have broken off. There are three points holding the cushion on with two clips at each point. At one, both clips broke and the other, one broke. For the cost of this stool, certainly don’t expect the clips to break off after light use over the past six months.

    One person found this helpful

  74. R. Adkins



  75. Prime and addicted

    Very sturdy and would be great other than it doesn’t seat …

    I bought this as an option to an ergo ballChair. Very sturdy and would be great other than it doesn’t seat low enough for a regular desk. If you are buying it for a standup desk, buy it. But if you are buying for a regular desk option, you will not be happy.

    2 people found this helpful

  76. AlAl

    Really solid piece of kit

    Well made and a good piece of kit to perch on when at your standing desk. It’s really solid and well made. Easy to move up and down with the gas canister inside and levers under the seat.

    One person found this helpful

  77. K.F.

    Good product with great seat, though not cheap.

    This stool does what it says it does. Main reason for this review is to give an update on earlier comments, made by other reviewers.As the listing mentions, there is a new seat design. So what I received looked like the third image in the listing, with a mushroom-shaped rounded seat, rather than the flat seat shown in the first two images (April 2019). The (new?) fabric seat cover has a very good grip, so no hint of slippery. It is also well cushioned, so I had no problem using this immediately, for several hours. I was surprised to realise that I did actually use it at a very steep an angle for most of the time, as pretty much shown in the third image (woman on the desk) – I hadn’t expected this.For me, this stool works well both sitting at a normal desk and on a standing desk. I’m 182cm / 6ft tall. I could imagine that for someone with shorter legs than myself, this stool could be somewhat too tall for really long periods on a normal desk, even at it’s minimum height. I can comfortably sit on this, also as if it was a ‘normal’ stool, so with the stool totally upright, which allows me to use it continuously, even when I tire from using it leaning, as intended. I am not sure if this would be possible / comfortable with shorter legs, but maybe that’s a small point.Because this is mentioned in another review, I should also say that I’m a guy and unlike suggested elsewhere, the shape of the seat doesn’t cause any discomfort – I assume that’s down to the new seat cushion shape?The stool arrived in time and comes in four easy-to-assemble parts.Regarding the health or ‘well-being’ effects of using this: I’m no expert in this area, and I didn’t suffer any major back pain, just tiredness and stiffness after long periods of sitting without moving. So I can only talk from my own first immediate experience. I do notice a real difference using this stool, compared to a normal desk chair. I feel less tired or tense, and more active after long periods of sitting – so that’s of course a good thing, and what I had hoped for!I rate this four stars, rather than five, for two reasons:- please remove the old pictures from the listing, as otherwise you don’t really know what you get until it arrives!- the price is slightly steep I think. It is a well-made and thought-through product, and I have no problems using it for extended periods. It also seems to be the genuine product, rather than a cheap copy of someone else’s design – although I’m no expert on this! At £138, it’s an ok price but not exactly a bargain though.Review refers to the blue option.

    6 people found this helpful

  78. S. Griscom

    Very sturdy/VERY wobbly

    This was too tall for our use and too unstable for my teens.

  79. Annette Regan

    Great option for a regular desk chair!

    This is a very well made stool and easy to assemble. It is actually fun to use…almost like a rocking chair. It engages your core so you actually feel like you are doing something while sitting. I use this with my stand up desk to switch it up a little. Easy to move up and down.

    6 people found this helpful

  80. Jenn Kerr



  81. Amazon Customer

    Great stool. Forces you to sit up straight when …

    Great stool. Forces you to sit up straight when you work, reducing back strain and slouch!

    3 people found this helpful

  82. Rawr

    Why so slippery?

    It’s okay. I’m going to have to put something over the fabric to make it less slippery. Not sure why the heck you would advertise it as if you are supposed to lean into it when the fabric is so slippery that you slide right off. Smooth move with that one…

    One person found this helpful

  83. A

    Great when used as intended

    Easy to assemble, sufficiently comfortable and allows great range of movement to reduce lower back pain and help correct posture. Easy to adjust if you want to use in conjunction with a sit/stand desk, which I have. Highly recommend, but do not expect to sit on it all day and be comfortable. it makes you get up and move, which is as intended as far as I’m concerned.

  84. Steph

    W O B B L E W O B B L E

    Love this wobble stool! Got it for the office after ordering a stand-up riser desk from Uncaged Ergonomics. Using the stool to alternate between standing and sitting at my desk. Love that it keeps your core engaged while allowing you to “rest” at the same time. (Oxymoron kinda? Yeah.) I learned wobble stools can help strengthen core stability while you work. The seat cushion on the stool is super comfy too. Would recommend!

  85. Sandi M

    Superb, good investment!.

    I love this stool! Takes a bit getting used to and almost went flying off it a couple of time but it is encouraging me to move around and not sit still which is good, my husband however says it would not be very comfortable for a guy due to the shape and hardness of the cushion, eek, if you get my drift!

    One person found this helpful

  86. Atlantico

    Happy I Bought This!

    I’m very happy with this product and would recommend to all. I have a sit-stand desk and was concerned that this would not be tall enough. I am nearly 6 feet, however, this stool adjusts up well. I did not even have to put it on the tallest setting. I’m on my computer all day long and alternate between standing, sitting in a regular chair, and using this stool. This is the perfect combination of furniture to prevent soreness and stiffness.The stool gives you a lot of different height and sitting options in just one piece of furniture.I was impressed with the excellent packing, which protected it during shipping. Also, the instruction sheet was clear and understandable. Assembly is easy and took no more than 5 minutes. It is obvious that the company takes pride in their product and service.

    2 people found this helpful

  87. Ryan

    Great for what I wanted, but not great for everyone

    I have a Jarvis stand/sit desk, I didn’t want a chair so I went with this stool. Fair warning: The seat is not very comfortable, at least not for me. After an hour of leaning, I get a little numb and go back to standing, which is actually a good thing in my mind. If you want this for all day leaning/sitting, I’d advise against it. For a short break from standing though it’s great. I’m 6’0″ and this is a great height for how I use it. I never had a problem, but everyone that has tried to sit on it almost falls right away. DO NOT LEAN BACK! I wish the cushion was better, it would be 5 stars for sure.

    4 people found this helpful

  88. P. Tang

    A great seat!

    I’m rating this based on my expectation of using a standup desk (instead of rating it versus a chair). I got a standup desk because I wanted to “encourage” myself to stand up more (supposed to be healthier?) while working. However, using a chair with footrest, I sat a lot and my posture suffered since I tend to slouch. This stool causes me to sit upright but is actually quite comfortable. Sitting is really more like half standing/half sitting. It came well packaged and was easy to assemble–basically 3 steps. The cushion is quite firm and the seat material could use a little more grip–I’m wearing jeans too–I think it’s the angle that I’m leaning which makes it seem like I want to slide off of the top but that’s okay because I’m using it the way the instructions say to use it with both feet firmly planted on the floor, so no chance that I will fall off of it. It feels good to lean back on it too, but the instructions say not to do that. I will probably test its lean limits numerous times before the novelty wears off. Who knew that I could have so much fun with a “chair”.

    16 people found this helpful

  89. Liana M. Watson

    Bye bye back aches!

    This chair is awesome! I work at home and have a stand up desk. Needed a chair that supported me without allowing me to slouch and this chair fit the bill. Adjustable, easy to assemble and my back doesn’t bother me anymore.

    One person found this helpful

  90. Cindy Schwarz

    Two Stars

    Seat is uncomfortable

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