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Most electric standing desk frames available stop working only after a few short weeks.
Save yourself the headache of having to buy a new adjustable desk every few months..

Guaranteed to work perfectly for 5+ years or your money back!!

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With industry leading height adjustability ranging from 24″ to 50.5″, one-touch presets, anti-collision safety mechanism, 220 pound weight load capacity, & 10-minute Quick Installation… what more could you ask for in an electric desk that promotes a healthy lifestyle? With a variety of different base colors and top colors to choose from, this electric stand up desk is perfect for your home office or corporate work environment!

Additional information

Additional information


48×24, 48×28, 58×28, 60×24, 69×24

Frame Color

Black, Silver, White

Top Finish

Antique Bourbon, Designer White, Fine Black, Hampton Walnut, White Cypress



  • Lifting Column Specifications:
    • Height adjustability: 24″-50.5″
    • Square Profile: 3×3″
    • Material: Metal
    • Finish: Powder coated
    • Speed: 36mm/s
    • Voltage: DC20V
    • Weight/moving capacity: 220lbs.
  • Feet Specifications:
    • Width: 3″
    • Depth: 23″
    • Material: Metal
    • Finish: Powder coated
  • Frame Specifications:
    • Width of frame adjusts from 43″-61″
    • Depth: 22″ (meaning your desktop must be at least 22″ deep)
    • Distance between support brackets: 6.2″
    • Material and Finish: Powder Coated Metal
  • Top Specifications:
    • Material: (particle board+laminate)
    • Thickness
      • Laminate- 1″
    • Width/Depth: customizable
Warranty, Shipping & Returns

Warranty, Shipping & Returns


All of Direction Desks’ standing desks come with a 5 year warranty on all electrical and mechanical components of the desk. If any electric or mechanical part of the desk malfunctions within 5 years, you will get a replacement part or complete new desk free of charge. For more details about the full warranty policy, please click here.


The Direction Desk standard desk ships in 3 separate packages (2 boxes for the frame and 1 for the top) They all ship out on the same day and will ship within 2 days of your order. Standard transit times are 3-5 days. Expedited shipping available at checkout.


All of Direction Desk’s products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and a hassle free return process. If the desk is not meeting your expectations, simply reach out to

Assembly Video

Assembly Video



Q: Does installation take hours like most office furniture/desks? 

A: Not at all! Our new Quick Installation process takes the average person 10-minutes to install their desk frame. With the “click into place” design, there is no drill required to set up the frame. You will only need a drill to attach the frame to the desktop!

Q: Is there a warranty besides the 30-day satisfaction guarantee?

A:  Yes, there is a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on mechanical and electrical parts. You can read more about this in the Warranty tab.

Q: Is the keypad One-Touch programmable? I want to go to desired position without pushing and holding the button the whole time.

A: Yes. Steps to set up the One-Touch feature are listed in the instruction manual

Q: How is the 24″ minimum height adjustability measured? 

A: It is measured from the floor to the top of the desktop.

Q: What is the length of the wire attached to the control box?

A: The power cord is 9′ long. The cables that connect the legs to the control box  are 47″.

Q: Are the black legs a true black or are they more of a dark grey/ charcoal? 

A: They are a true black.

Q: Can casters be attached? 

A: You can replace the rubber self-leveling pads with casters that are M10 by 15mm.

Q: What is the inside width between the feet when moved apart to their maximum? i.e How much room between the legs for a chair to move left to right?

A: When the desk frame is at its maximum width, there is roughly 62″ of clearance between the two legs.

Q: How deep are the feet – from front to back?

A: 23″

Q: Does the Corner Desk Top come in 1 or 2 pieces?

A: The 48x48x24 desktop is one piece of wood. The 60×48 and 60×60 desktops come in two pieces that will be mounted together in assembly.

Our 1% Pledge

Our 1% Pledge

We donate 1% of all  revenue and time to environmental, military and youth non-profits. In addition we donate 1% of all manufactured products to schools, libraries, & more.

Direction Desk’s overarching goal is to improve the health and wellness of as many people as possible. Our philanthropy is in direct alignment with that mission and is what sets us apart from companies simply looking for profit. See more here: Philanthropy.

Reviews (49)

49 reviews for Laminate Desk

  1. Charlie

    Best desk purchase I’ve ever made

    This thing is awesome. Super easy to use and very effective. Setup wasn’t too difficult either. The desk surface itself is much bigger than I expected and I feel like I have more than enough space to multitask both sitting and standing. I’ve been more productive with this desk than any other in the past. The electric raising and lowering feature is definitely the best part, though. I used a manual standing desk before this and I will never go back. So glad I found this and well worth the price. 10/10 would recommend.

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  2. Million Shiferaw

    Great product, even more amazing customer service

    Easy to assemble, sturdy, above all customer service is super responsive. Best experience buying a product

  3. Tyler B.

    Great purchase!

    This is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while. I spend about 70% of the day standing now. I am more productive throughout the day. This desk goes from a sitting position to standing in a matter of seconds. I thought it was easy to assemble upon arrival. I shopped around for a standup desk for a while and this was one of the lower priced ones. I am amazed with the quality for the price. I would highly recommend this desk to others.

    2 people found this helpful

  4. Stanley1919

    Super Happy with Direction Desk

    So happy I made this purchase, with how much time I spend working from home now I needed a desk that I could stand at. Direction Desk is such a great product and the sellers worked with me to make sure I was happy with the final product! Thanks Direction Desk

    One person found this helpful

  5. Pat CPat C

    Made a great cutting table

    I added a butcher block top (polyurethaned) and HDPE shelf below. This makes a fabulous cutting table for my sewing room. Perfect – gets high enough to prevent back and elbow pain! Cheaper, more useful and better quality than the specialty cutting tables you can get through stores

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful stand-up desk! Worth the money and then some!

    I don’t know what took me so long to get a stand-up desk. I have been working online for years and I’ve tried every alternative to provide a place for me to stand part of the time and sit part of the time. Since I got this desk, I have found it easier then I could imagine to very my positions when working. It moves very smoothly and the large surface accommodates all three of my monitors with room for papers and books. I’m very pleased with this desk!

    2 people found this helpful

  7. min

    First not very smooth, later they send me a replace lag

    The media could not be loaded.

     The parts come in dirty conditions. One of the screw holes is not well done. The screw can not get in. The left leg sticks and has a delay to control. As a result, the moving down is not even and leads to shaking. Check the video.The seller later agrees on sending me a new lag. Now it works smoothly. The screw problem is due to the paint in the screw hole. So the screw had a hard time finding the beginning of the screw hole. I also screw up the screw using an impact driver. Then I chopped the screwed screw with a saw and the screw is sharper to cut in the paint. If the seller clear the screw hole with paint before shipping, it won’t be so hard.

    4 people found this helpful

  8. Oren S.Oren S.

    high quality, nicely finished product

    Product arrived well packed and protected, assembly was straight forward, legs are highly stable. My application was as a hobby table to cut fused glass projects. Used butcher block, added cutout with LED lights to aid tracing pattern to cutting glass shapes. Platform is solid and stable, height adjustment gives me the flexibility of sitting or standing while cutting my glass and assembling cut shapes into the desired form. Legs are a little on the expensive side, but definitely a high quality, well engineered product I would recommend.

  9. Denice

    Great sit stand desk

    I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and love it! I was able to put it together by myself without too much trouble. It’s sturdy and goes up and down smoothly.

  10. Nicole Holden

    Good desk, maybe quality issues

    Pros:- it looks awesome!- it rises and lowers as a good speed- it’s big and sturdy- the wood finish is very nice- the cable sleeve was a great additionCons:- it came missing the hole insert for one side- it came with the side finish peeling off, I have to use wood glue and huge wood clamps that not everyone would have to fix it- I could not get the desk to screw in completely to the metal legs no matter how hard I tried. I later figured out that it’s because the desk top itself is actually warped.Overall it works, and works well. But the quality issues upset me a bit. It’s ok now though since it’s useful I’m not too upset about it and if I need to replace the topper I can do that any time.

    3 people found this helpful

  11. Jmess

    Great purchase!

    I purchased this table frame to create a sewing table, it works perfectly. I can lower it when quilting and raise it up for garment construction and even higher for machine embroidery.

    One person found this helpful

  12. N

    Improved posture with sit / stand desk

    Purchased the Direction Electric Height Frame with Dual Motor. Noticed that by the end of day, I was exhausted and slouching. Since installing the motorized frame to my existing desk top, I feel better and tend to even do a bit of exercises while working. It’s a win win, highly recommend it to anyone that wants to combat the afternoon fatigue.The only issue I had is that 2 screws were missing threads. Fortunately, I was able to get a couple at the hardware store.

  13. Michelle Kimble

    1 Year old, no longer works

    Up until today this item was solid! However, as of today it no longer works. It appears as if one side of the motor went out. Completely unplugged it hoping to reset, now it wont do anything. Sorry, at this price this item should last longer than a year.

  14. Bob L

    Very solid desk for the money

    Very happy with the purchase, it arrived as 3 boxes – 2 quickly, the 3rd within a couple days after. Easy to assemble, good quality, good looks. It would be nice if programming and setting the height was easier. It has the ability to pre-set 3 heights, setting the presets seems a bit difficult and once set you have to hold the button while adjusting the height.

  15. Christian MauererChristian Mauerer


    I did my research and there are TONS of other tables out there.I didn’t find one that fits my needs like this one. Goes low, goes high – super sturdy.Really love this desk.Especially if you pair it with an IKEA Table TopDuring my assembly process I just called them bc I had a question & they picked right up and were super helpful.Overall AMAZING quality & experience.Loooove working on it every day.

    5 people found this helpful

  16. Michael Rybicki

    Presets don’t work well

    I’ve purchased about 30 stand-up desk legs over the past 3 years for my office. This one I did for my home and needed a special color instead of White so I chose this brand. Imagine my surprise when I found out I have to Hold the Preset button down while it’s moving into position! That’s just bad programming. I’ve purchased 3 or 4 other brands and all of those presets work as you expect – set the height for the preset number, then just press your preset once and the desk moves into place. This one forces you to hold it while it’s moving. Just dumb.

  17. Austin

    High Quality and very sturdy desk!

    I got this desk for my gaming setup and very happy i did!

  18. tech17

    Extremely Affordable for such high quality

    I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality frame for such a great price. The motors make almost no noise and move super smooth

  19. mateoswartz

    Best Standing Desk Without Breaking The Bank!

    AMAZING! That’s the word I am using for this desk! I have been wanting to make the jump to an adjustable desk for some time and this desk was exactly what I was looking for. Great value for a spectacular product. Here’s my top loves about this desk:1) I love the ease of control for adjusting the height of the desk. Super intuitive and with the preset ability I don’t have to “remember” my favorite positions.2) Great space on top to be able to spread out! I had a smaller desk initially from another company and this one really fit the bill for giving me greater space to work on projects. I acknowledge that this may be a personal preference-but having not had the space before I sure do appreciate it now!3) Perfect thickness/sturdiness for adding monitors. This is pretty self explanatory. It doesn’t feel cheaply made.4) This is a big one for me: Great value yet not cheaply made. I have to be honest: I want a great desk, but found out that paying more doesn’t always equally great quality. This desk is legit and also worked within my budget. I think that this desk fits the bill for a quality standing desk without breaking the bank!5) Great customer service and communication-this is big for me. They also shipped my desk super quick. Amazing…6) My big question was how much would I actually stand vs. sit…and the answer is that I am actually standing MORE than I anticipated. It is great having the ability to sit when I need it…but it is also great having the desk go TALLER than I anticipated which has allowed me to also incorporate my laptop into the workspace and being able to easily see the screen.I honestly have not found anything about this desk that I dislike…so my encouragement to you is if you’re looking to step into the adjustable desk/standing desk movement…congratulations! You just found your new desk!

    One person found this helpful

  20. Amazon Customer

    This desk is perfect

    I needed a desk that was a bit bigger so I could comfortably fit my monitors and computer on it without feeling crammed. I did a lot of research before buying and found this one to be the best bank for your buck. I’ve had the desk for a couple weeks now and I’m still amazed of the quality and sturdiness of the desk. Highly recommend this desk to anyone

    2 people found this helpful

  21. Sameer Goel

    One side motor does not work 🙁

    Just in 3 days, one of the motor does not work. My table is tilted and the table top is screaming due to screws are dispositioned. I would have gone for single motor.

  22. SJ

    Very good Stand up Desk

    I ordered three. I installed one today, it is in a very good quality.One little thing is that the cardboard box was broken when I received them, and you’ll find dusts on the part. But the parts have not problem except some dusts.

  23. J Webb

    Solid standing desk and great customer service

    This standing desk is everything you need. It’s sturdy, solidly built and even at it’s highest setting (which is way to high for me) remains wobble-free. I highly recommend pairing this with a nice wooden top (I went for a birch butchers block from Home Depot). You won’t be disappointed. Also, Direction Desk have been excellent to deal with so a great experience all round – very happy customer.

  24. Brian

    Great desk, great customer support

    Very sturdy and easy to assemble, I needed a standing desk that went lower than most and this has fit the bill for me perfectly. I’m looking to upgrade the table top I used and so I reached out to Direction Desk for some extra hardware (screws, etc), Madison and Nathan we’re incredibly helpful and I had the box of fresh hardware at my doorstep within a week. Would recommend this desk / company to anyone.

  25. DarlineDarline

    LOVE this desk

    I have been looking for a stand up desk for a long time now and a friend of mine recommended me one from direction desk, since he already had one. So I found the desk on amazon and ordered it.It shipped within the same day of ordering and arrived shortly after that.Pro:- can fit any normal table top- high quality and durable (doesnt scratch easily)- quiet while going up and down- 3 configurable height presets- comes with a long cable sleeve- comes with little plastic things for cable management- electronic panel has a slider built in, so it can go back and forth (in case you wanna hide it under the table top)Contra:- needs a long drill for installation (the screws will fall into the frame if you use a short one!)

    3 people found this helpful

  26. Dan Paul

    Disappointed at best.

    I waited a long time, and did tons of research on standing desks. I chose this one because of the reviews. Unfortunately my experience was less than stellar.UPS delivered my base and top on different days. I assembled the base in anticipation of the top. Very heavy duty and solid! 5 days I waited. I finally got my damn top! Damaged. The rubberized rail around the top pealed of in several places, and the top chipped and peeling! Wow! What a piece of junk. I emailed the seller, no response.

    2 people found this helpful

  27. Beth Mansfield

    Best value in a sit stand desk

    After much research I decided to purchase this desk based on features and affordability. This desk will go lower than any other on the market. I expected it to take a week to arrive but it was hand delivered by Direction Electric on the next working day! I was not aware they were local to me in Phoenix. It came in 3 very well packed strudy boxes with instructions and a link to a video online to watch. Assembly went well. I noticed a change in some screws from what was listed on the parts and called the support number. The man I spoke to stated the part had changed but the instructions were in the process of being corrected and they didn’t want to delay shipping to wait for the minor change in the assembly instructions. Assembly was completed by one person in a very reasonable amount of time.The desk raises and lowers silently. The control pad is easy to use. It is sturdy. I have 2 large monitors and a CPU on it with no fear of anything toppling when I raise or lower it. Cable routing is great.I am impressed with the company’s shipping and response time. Because they hand delivered it, the tracking was not on Amazon. There was a tracking number showing that something was in transit. 4 days later I received a box with a wonderful note from their team thanking me for the purchase.I definitely recommend this desk to anyone looking for a reasonably priced sturdy electric sit/stand desk.

  28. CSH


    This desk frame works great and is solid made!

  29. Doer

    Good for the price

    Sturdy frame. Smooth electric mechanism for raising the desk. Works with IKEA’s table top. Can’t speak to longevity; I have had it for only about 1 month.

  30. Grace

    It’s really heavy frame.

    It’s a heavy but sturdy frame.

  31. Brenden

    The most unique standing desk ever

    Words don’t do this product justice. I absolutely love it! I was able to turn my custom desk top into a workstation that not only looks good, but feels good. I get the modern feel in the legs, but the rigid look of my top. Plus, the motors on this standing desk are almost 100% silent. You really have to have a quiet room to hear it. Plus since it can handle a large weight capacity, I’ve had no issues with this frame and I’ve been using it for a 6+ months now. Highly recommend this if you’re looking to have a super custom desk setup, or if you just want a standing desk at the fraction of the price.

  32. VanessaVanessa

    BEST Sit/Stand Adjustable Desk!

    This is the best sit/stand adjustable desk on the market. The wood is smooth, sturdy, and sleek. Love the stand base and ability to adjust the desk height with the ease of pushing a button. Overall, very professional for any home or office. This desk provides many benefits to any leisure time or work day by allowing for standing while getting your work done. Additionally, Direction Desk has top notch customer service, which shows their true leadership as a company. Very satisfied with this purchase. Highly recommend!

  33. S Coombe

    Very Satisfied

    Suddenly faced with working from home indefinitely and the need to be in entire days of video calls I realized I needed to quickly put together a better office solution.I’m very satisfied with this purchase. The frame is sturdy and quiet. It looked intimidating to assemble but wasn’t actually bad. I had a top cut to fit a specific space. I now have a custom sit to stand desk designed around a unique space. It has made the working from home a much better experience.

  34. Rob

    Great product, exactly as described

    So far so good, really easy to put together. Pairs very well with the ikea Karlby. It was a nice surprise that the LEDs on the controller is actually WHITE and not RED like how it is displayed in the photo. Fairly hefty but that’s expected. But the best part this desk is the lowest one I’ve found so far. So that’s a great plus for average sized people that want to sit with their feet on the floor

  35. Nic W.

    Edit: Motor dead after 4 months.

    Update: After 4 months of using this desk the motors have completely died. The desk will not raise up and down – and not covered by warranty.The range on this desk is excellent – it smoothly goes as low as 23″Note that the programmable settings require you to hold the button down – not just touch and go.Great desk for the money.

    3 people found this helpful

  36. John Mahon

    Quality Desks for the office or at home!

    We own a professional workspace, and we recently found this desk – it is AMAZING! People in our office space fight over this desk, we will need to add more soon, because it has been the new office favorite! The desk is well made, high quality and can adjust from a sitting desk to a standing desk with the touch of a button as needed for flexibility and ergonomics.

  37. Henry Marshall

    Works Exactly Like I’d Hoped

    The desk works exactly like I’d hoped.I bought it so I could spend more time standing at work, but the highlight I didn’t anticipate is that it makes it more comfortable when I’m sitting as well–since I can adjust it to the right height for my arms (instead of bunching them up to type or hunching over to reach the keyboard).So, that was an unexpected bonus.It’s also nice that the top is included–since a lot of manufacturers sell the frame by itself and leave you to hunt for a top that will match the size.Would recommend.

    One person found this helpful

  38. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    A fantastic desk from a customer centric company

    I wanted a standing desk and did a lot of research before picking one. I am 5’1” and most standing (and static) desks do not descend low enough to reach a comfortable seating position for my height, putting pressure on my knees and legs. After reading dozens of articles and reviews, I chose the Direction desk for its features but also because other buyers were praising the customer service and it did not disappoint! My desk was shipped immediately and arrived a day early. It came perfectly packaged and protected and was very easy to put together (you will need two people), the instructions were clear and came with a QR code that takes you to a YouTube video. It’s been two weeks and I use the motor every day, it works very well so far. The bamboo tabletop is beautiful, and most importantly both sitting and standing setups align to my height and allow me to have proper posture. Thank you, Direction Desk!

  39. Teamdoc


    I have two uplift desks so I have a good gauge as to what a good powered desk should be. This one is really solid.. not for the money, but solid at any price point. I’m using it as a synth station in my recording studio and its working perfectly.

  40. PasserBy

    Works well , note package is very heavy and complicated assembly

    The legs cane in a very heavy package , my husband assembled and I’m it not I would have been able to do it myself .. more parts than expected , little complicated which is the reason I gave only 3 stars ( the ikea legs much easier to put together )Also I ordered the white legs and got the silver .. but too heavy to return for function , the legs are stewards and work well

  41. A. SalazarA. Salazar

    Overall very good but wider desks need a footnote.

    Update:I finally became annoyed enough to make custom rails to deal with the included ones being too short. I bought two 1″x1″ square steel bars from Home Depot. I then asked a buddy to help cut “slits” halfway down one side on each end so it would clear the two lock bolts. Once install, HUGE difference! The desk no longer sages in the middle or vibrates as I type. It fells rock solid. Going up and down goes PERFECTLY without ever tripping the safety sensor. Annoying it came to this but its done.Original:Since, like so many, I am WFH due to covid, I wanted a standing desk similar to what I have in the office. The ones we have there are really high end (i.e. expensive) so I wasnt going for anything like that but wanted some decent.I looked at many and it came to 3 things that made me choose this. One, is it has dual motors for smoother motion and less clutter between. Two, it had to go as low as possible for better ergonomics. Many I looked at would only go as low as 27-30 inches withOUT the desk which adds an inch or so. This one gets to 23 inches. May not sound like much but it makes ALL of the difference to me.Third was the width. I have a desk that is about 24 x 63 and this was listed as going up to 83 inches. While it might be able to support an 83 inch top, the legs get no where near that wide if you want to use all of the included hardware. In order to make it adjustable, the two legs are not directly connected. There are two adjustable steal beams that slide inside their rails to allow the legs to move closer or further apart. Watched the animated video the seller included as part of the pictures to see this. That bar is way too short to get anywhere near 84 inches. For my desk, they do reach but only inner locking bolts that hold everything together are usable – the outer two, which help stiffen everything, miss. The whole thing ends up with a bit of flex to it. I uses some wood shims to help a little but there is no easy way to resolve it.I contacted them to see what my options where but they do not offer logger ones. I think the intent is that you keep the legs closer together and have more desk overhang the outer edges. I cant do that because of limitation of my setup.Generally, its works out ok. But positioning of the legs is a bit tricky. I had to do a bunch of trial and error with twisting and pulling/pushing the feet apart to keep them going up and down smoothly enough so the safety sensor doesnt trip on the right leg and stops moving. Even still, half the times it does it at least once. I just have to release the button and press it again to finish. This is what prevented me from giving it a 5 star review.Overall though, its a very good setup and the quality is very high. They do not feel light or flimsy – they have substantial weight to them and the motors are quiet. And the include “sock” to bundle the wiring is really well done and effective. I would buy again figuring that competing desks would likely have similar limitations.

    4 people found this helpful

  42. Yael M.

    It is ok but I wish I bought the costco one for the same money

    It is hard to install. really havey and you need to add a top. I wish there was some cool tunnel for the cabels. After building it my friend sent me a pic of her costco table. fot almost the same price you get so much more. I

  43. Devon Dickinson

    Excellent product reasonable price!

    5 stars!!!EXCELLENT product. My wife and I have been researching desks for a time now, hoping to find just the right fit for our personal and professional business needs. We chose Direction Desks and have been absolutely pleased with this product, in fact so pleased, that we decided to sit down and write a review.1). The desk is top notch quality. It is EASY to assemble and all of the parts and pieces were intact upon arrival. Delivery was prompt, and there were not multiple boxes or deliveries. The desks are made out of stable and sturdy materials. They are also reliable and durable. We have been using the desk since the purchase and all of the electronic buttons to raise and lower the desk work well with no issues.2). We feel like the desk is perfect sizing. Not too big and not too small. The creators of this desk really did a good job with space and size and were conscious about the fact that these desks would be and can be used for either personal (at home) or professional (in an office) usage.3). You have the option to sit or stand while using the desk. We have never had a standing desk before and have come to love the ability to sit when we want or raise up the desk to stand when we want to use it in this manner. There are also varying adjustable sitting and standing ranges to use at the desk that revolves around your personal height and comfort.4) The customer service was excellent. In our research of what type of desk to purchase, we made several attempts to contact the Direction Desks representatives and were able to speak and communicate via email with the owner directly, which was very helpful in our final purchase decisions.

  44. MyUsernamesThisMyUsernamesThis

    Handles Triple Monitor Setup Without Any Issues

    Been using this desk for over a month now and I have to say it is a great product. Handles my triple monitor setup with Ikea Gerton wood top without any issues and is not too loud either. It does have dual motors so the weight capacity shouldn’t be an issue.You can have up to 3 presets (I use one for sitting height and one for standing height). Height is adjustable from as low as 23 inches to well over 38 inches. Using the desk on carpet floor right now and it is fairly stable. Have not tried it on hard floor.Regarding cables, I have Ikea cable management tray below the desk to hold all the cables. Make sure your cables are at least 6-10 ft long. Overall it is a pretty solid frame and is perfect for those that want to reuse their existing desk surface or pair it with a custom surface.

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  45. Terrence

    Very well made, quality construction.

    You can’t really tell from looking at the pictures but the metal this frame is made out of is really good quality. The pieces are solid, heavy and constructed very well. I purchased the white version and the finish is really nice and durable. Does not look like it will scratch off easy. A major reason I purchased this desk was because it goes really low. Most adjustable frames don’t go lower than 30″. This goes down to 23″. The motor noise is not loud, you do hear it, but it’s smooth and pretty quiet. Love that you can put your own top. The YouTube video to install was helpful but the directions it comes with aren’t too bad either. So far this is really awesome, let’s see how it does over time.

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  46. Jen in AZ

    Great for short people!

    I had a hard time finding an adjustable sit/stand desk that could go lower than normal sitting height. I’m 5’2″ and this can actually go a bit lower than I even need. It was pretty easy to put together with my IKEA desktop. The mechanism seems pretty smooth and quiet. Definitely worth the money!

  47. Steve Martin

    Works great

    I’ve had the desk now for 3 months and it continues to work very well for me. The desktop delivered was broken but the company sent a replacement within a few days. Very easy to assemble. Looks good and works well.

  48. See You Space Cowboy

    Good quality, quiet & smooth, great customer support

    Assembly was quick and easy, the desk works well as promised and thankfully had a wide range of heights (both low and high). It is quiet and smooth, better than I had thought at this price point.My order initially had a leg that was dead on arrival, but support was prompt and sent me a new leg that worked without issue, free of charge. I was impressed with the quality of customer support 🙂

    One person found this helpful

  49. Mar

    Solid base, easy to assemble. Misleading dimensions.

    The dimensions say 60″x30″ but it’s actually only 24″ deep, which it says later in the description. Still very misleading and not what I wanted. I contacted the seller directly and am exchanging for the 30″ top and just paid the difference($54). They didn’t make me return the whole desk which was nice. Still waiting on the new top, though.

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