Space Planning + Design

space planning and design

Space Planning + Design

Our approach to helping you map out and design your workspace involves more than just planning where to put your new furniture.

Need help making your workspace your favorite space? Does your company need an office layout makeover?

We offer full-service design solutions that optimize your space(s) around your well-being while considering your functional and aesthetic preferences.

  • Would you be confident if your best client walked into your space tomorrow?
  • Are your ethos and company values being shared throughout the company?
  • Are your employees excited to come to work? Are you?

Your answer to all of these will be a definite YES when using Direction Desk design services.

From 1 workstation to 5,000 sqft, we can help you create your very own Wellspace: a workspace that cultivates wellness and productivity. 

Simply reach out to us here, tell us about your project details and desires and we will contact you within 48 hours or less to start planning!