This one-piece footrest is designed for both seated and standing postures. Utilize this foot rest to shift your body weight, which is key to healthful standing. Use it while sitting to take the pressure off of your back by evenly distributing your weight.

This Grounding Mat from the Earthing Company is the best kept secret accessory to your standing desk. The mat absorbs and emits the Earth's natural electric charge. Standing on this mat gives you the same benefits as walking barefoot on the earth: reduces inflammation, pain, stress; improves energy, blood flow, sleep, vitality and much more.  

Do you have a desk with sharp edges? Show your wrists and forearms some love with our Edge Wrist Support. It easily mounts to the edge of most surfaces - adding a softening, waterfall effect that enhances ergonomic safety and user comfort. This matte black accessory is manufactured from a durable yet pliable self-skinning urethane foam. 


Working from a tower computer? A CPU mount is a must have accessory to your standing desk. Keep your computer and cables attached to your desk while adjusting the desk up and down.

If Direction Desk’s cable sleeve included with every desk purchase not enough management for your cables, look no further than our Cable Tray to get you and your cables organized.

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