Are you tired of L-shape Standing Desks that are a pain to assemble and come with low quality materials not designed to last? It's time to experience the Direction Desk difference.

Leading Height-Adjustability

Do you need ADA compliance? Are you above 6'4" tall? Whether you need it low or you need it high this desk is for you.

Best in Class

Rest assured knowing your desk won't wobble like the competitions. Sturdy and stable from the lowest height to the highest.

Premium Materials

Say goodbye to those cheap particle board tops that make your desk look like it was built using the cheapest possible materials.

in Minutes

Our proprietary click in place design allow you to install this desk in minutes instead of hours. Enjoy your Direction Desk from assembly to use.


You can rest easy knowing that your desk is guaranteed to work perfectly for 5+ years or your money back

Our modern, minimalist design creates a space that inspires creativity and productivity.

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Direction Desk uses only the highest, commercial grade components because design is not only how something looks but also how it works.

Spend your workdays feeling healthier, more productive and happy. Products designed to dramatically improve how we spend a majority of our day.

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