The Direction Modern Slim 2-Drawer Mini Filing Cabinet is a unique two-drawer, narrow pedestal that accommodates the lowest ranges of height-adjustable work surfaces as well as provides personal and conventional file storage that consumes a minimum of below-work surface leg space.

Ensure's perfect head position

Monitors should be placed just below eye level which is different for everyone. Our monitor arms allow you to put your monitors in this ideal position.

Free's up desk space

It amazes customers how much extra working space they have at their desk when the monitors are lifted from the surface.

Makes Collaboration more effective

With 360 degrees of adjustability in every direction, our monitor arms allow you to collaborate, present, and brainstorm much more effectively.

Direction Desk's modern, minimalist design creates a space that will inspire creativity and productivity

Direction Desk uses only the highest, commercial grade components because design is not only how it looks but also how it works.